Beat the Time

Tumorbard - AI onboard can optimize resources, efforts and save time to create tumor boards.

While existing ways of creating a meeting from unstructured data and framing them into a presentation format with a holistic patient view can be time-consuming and efforts driven process now, it is no longer an issue for Nurse navigators.

Leverage Digital and AI technologies to achieve beat the time.

Beat the Bias

In present workflows and confusion-filled collaboration scenarios, attaining consensus and conducting relevant information have become complex.

Now, Tumor board meetings conductions can be conducive and presenting a case can be a pleasure with detailed dashboards.

Leverage Digital, Video Technologies, AI, and Bots to beat the bias.

Beat the tumor

Making conclusions for efficient cancer diagnosis and treatments is complex due to the nature of cancer.

Now diagnosis and treatment conclusions can be more efficient, Oncologists' decisions can be amplified with AI technologies.

The best way to beat the tumor is making conclusions powered by oncologists, standards, protocol and amplified AI technology

Tumor Board Experiences

Beat the confusion
  • 3 Tumor Board meetings
  • Beat Time by 30%
  • Beat Bias by 1X
Beat the Time
  • Multi Tumor Board meetings
  • Beat Time by 40%
  • Beat Bias by 2X
  • Beat Tumor with AI On-board
  • Case preparation
  • Case presentation
  • Logistics handling
  • Technical support
Beat the Tumor
  • Majestic+
  • Back integrations like PACS/EHR
  • Interoperability - FHIR
  • 3D Avatars
  • 3D Data visualization
  • Evidence by Guidelines NCCN etc.
  • Oncology Knowledge Search

Future Tumor Board Immersive Experiences

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